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Three (3) conditions which must be present in order to present the result of operation as discontinued operation.

IFRS 5 (non current asset held for sale and discontinued operation) set out the principles governing the measurement and presentation on non current asset that are expected to be realized through sale rather than through continuing use. The standard also deals with reporting the results of operations that qualify as discontinued

A discontinued operation is a component of an entity

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2020 Updated list of international financial reporting standards (IFRS)

The following is the list of international financial reporting standards:

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6 limitations of using accounting ratios in appraising financial performance.

Accounting ratio are used to measure the efficiency and profitability of the company based on its financial reports. They provide a way of expressing relationship between one accounting data point to another, and are the basis of ratio analysis.

The following are limitation of accounting ratios in appraising financial performance:

  • Inconsistent definition of ratios
  • Financial
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