Ethical issues to be considered by auditor in client acceptance

Ethical issues to be considered by auditor in client acceptance.

Before accepting new client relationship, a auditor should consider whether acceptance would create any threats to compliance with fundamental principles. Potential threats to integrity or professional behaviour may be created from, for example, questionable issues associated with client (its owners, management and activities).  

Client issues that if known, could threaten compliance with the

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What is meant by appropriateness of audit evidence?

Appropriateness of audit evidence  is the measure of the quality  of the audit evidence that is its relevance and its reliability in providing support for the conclusion on which the auditor’s opinion is based. It is one of key characteristic of good audit evidence. The other characteristic of audit evidence is sufficiency of audit evidence. Relevance of audit evidence is … Read the rest

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Audit and assurance Revision question 1 (NBAA, C2,NOV 2018)

Your firm has five offices all over Tanzania and it specializes in the provision of audit and tax advisory services to clients in the entertainment and media industries. The Finance Director of Nguvu Ltd (Nguvu) has recently requested your firm to accept appointment as external auditor for the year ended 30th September 2018.

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Revision question on subsequent events and going concern (NBAA C2, May 2017)

You are an audit senior for an audit firm and are currently working on the audit of Techno lab, a company which produces sophisticated electronic laboratory equipment. The company imports a high proportion of the components it uses from China. The equipment is used by some laboratories dealing with hazardous chemicals.
As the audit draws to a close, the partner
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