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Duties of budget controller in the organization.

To line up the various functions of the Budget Committee, to bring them together and to co-ordinate their efforts in the matter of preparation of target figures, there should be a person usually designated as the Budget Controller, who can provide ready data relating to all the functions. He is more or less the secretary to the budget committee. The Budget Controller does not control; he is a staff man; he advises but does not issue instructions.

Duties of the budget controller will comprise mainly of:

  • Helping in preparation of the various budgets and their coordination and compilation into the master budget;
  • Compiling of information about actual performance on a continuous basis comparing it against the budget figures, ascertaining causes of deviation and preparing reports based thereon and sending them to the appropriate executive;
  • Bringing to the notice of the management the need for revision of budgets and assisting them in the task; and
  • Compiling information of all types for the purposes of efficient preparation of budgets and proper reporting.

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