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Accounting policy – meaning

IAS 8: Accounting Polices, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors lays down criteria for the selection of accounting policies and prescribes circumstances in which an entity may change an accounting policy. The standard also deals with accounting treatment of changes in accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and correction of errors.

Accounting policies are the specific principles, bases, conventions, rules and practices applied by an entity in preparing and presenting financial statements.

When an IAS/IFRS (or an Interpretation) specifically applies to a transaction, other event or condition, the accounting policy or policies applied to that item shall be determined by applying the Standard or Interpretation and considering any relevant Implementation guidance issued by the IASB for the Standard or Interpretation. An entity shall select and apply its accounting policies consistently for similar transactions, other events and conditions, unless a Standard or an Interpretation specifically requires or permits otherwise.

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