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4 things to do One day before exams/test

Exams is disturbing word to hear especially if you are not satisfied with your preparation. before exams there a lot of things you must have done to ensure that you going to pass exams with flying colors. these things may include re reading your notes, attempting past papers and doing discussion with your fellow candidates on various subjects you going to sit for.

But there are always the feeling that you are not ready and this may make others lose their head and panic in their exams. So today iam going to tell you things which you should do before exams so that you will remain calm and be able to do your exams with calm head and confidence. The TIPS i am giving to share with you today should be applied only after you have covered the syllubus and have done all other necessary preparation before the day of exam/test. This is because without proper studying there is nothing you can do on the day of exam to enhance you chance of getting greater grades. So lets go!

The first thing you should do is to make sure you revise key point on the subject you are going to attempt the day before the exam/test. This is important because you will give yourself the chance to know how much you know about the subject. Also revision the day before the exam will give you a chance to re learn difficult parts and to internalize the knowledge so gained before the exam. So make sure you revise the day before the exam.

The second thing you should do is to to make sure that you sleep early a day before the exams. Exams are always high energy activity therefore you need to make sure that you have enough sleep before the exam. The amount of sleep recommended is 8 hours so you need to sleep at as early as 8 pm on the day before th exam. Good sleep will ensure that you wake up on the day of exams relaxed and full of energy. Before you sleep make sure that you confirm the time of exams and make sure that all equipment and other exam requirement are ready. by equipment i mean all pens, papers, calculators, rulers to name the few.

On the day of exam make sure you wake up early so that you can have a quick revision of key point from the subject you going to attempt. This is important because you will freshen up your knowledge and ensure that the key points are so clear in your mind.

After making quick revision make sure you arrive at the exam room/hall 30 minutes before the time of the exams. This is important because it will enable you to locate exam room/hall and to make sure that you have all required equipment and tools needed for your exam. when you are waiting for exam to start your may pray or perform meditation or you may chat with friends just to make yourself comfortable and relaxed before entering the exam room/hall. At this time don’t cram or try to learn anything new because it will end up confusing you and eventually making you panic.

So this is my take for things you should do before entering exam room/hall. Remember preparation for exam begin day before and not few minutes before the exam. What other things doyou think should be done before exam to ensure good results? Share your experience or ideas on the comment section below

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