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Top 10 ways to reduce anxiety in exam room, I always use #3.

We all face anxiety or fear in exam room. It is normal to fear in exam as in many cases exam determine whether we going to succeed in our next stage of life or not. Many students have failed in their exams not because of difficulty of the exam but due to fear and panic during the exam.

Today I am going to tell you techniques or I can say ways you can use to overcome fear during the exam period and be able to pass your exam with flying colors. These techniques have been proven by psychologists that they work and I have used some of them myself during the exams and I can say that they worked since I was able to pass my exam with good grades.

Before i tell you my technique of overcoming fear during the exam period, i must warn you that using these techniques alone without properly preparing yourself with the subject matter of the exam is not enough to pass the exam. Therefore, you need to master the content of the subject you are going to be examined for before applying these techniques during the exam period.

I have said enough, now lets check the techniques one by one.

First of all, you must have enough sleep night before the exam day. You need to sleep at least six hours before the exam. This is very important as enough sleep help get relaxed and enable you to remember more of exam subject and this can help you to be less stressed and fearful during the exam. So don’t spend the night before the exam cramming notes and worrying about the exam , instead sleep tight and dream about passing with the flying colors the next day.

Eat healthy food the day before and the day of the exam. Food is very important has it may influence your attitude during the exam day. Make sure you eat fast digesting food and food which makes your brain to perform faster. Food such as banana, eggs, nuts and drinking of coffee have been proven to enhance the functioning of your brain. So try to eat these foods on exam day. Also, the food such as fatty fish have proven to enhance functioning of your brain even though it may take a little longer to have such effect.

It is important that you eat something healthy before the exam since doing exam takes a lot from your brain in terms of energy, and tired brain is prone to stress, recklessness and fear.

Remember good things you have experienced with the exam you going to sit for. Going to exam with positive mind set is important since it may help you to feel good and confident facing the exam before you.

Remind yourself about the goal you have set about the exam and avoid comparing yourself with others. One of the problem facing people in preparation for exam is to try to compare themselves with others instead of focusing on themselves and the goal they have set for the exam they are facing. It is important to have goal you want to achieve from the exam you are going to sit for, be it getting an A + or passing the given standards marks . This is important because it will motivate you to be keen during the exam and to some extent will minimize your fear of failure.

Pray or seek spiritual guidance when approaching exam period and when doing the exam. I believe majority of people believe in god and seeks spiritual guidance when they face challenges. You need to seek spiritual guidance or pray before and during the exam to help you calm down and boost your confidence in the exam.

When you panic in the exam room, count back ward from 30 to one or spell and difficult word backward to calm yourself down. This is the technique i personally use during the exam to relieve myself from fear and panic. This technique work by distracting your brain from focusing into stimulus that brings fear and help you to calm down. Therefore, when you panic or become stressed in the exam room just breath deep and count backward from 30 to 1 or just spell your grand mother name backward and i assure you, your panic will go down and you will be able to focus again to your questions and answers.

don’t expect the questions from past exam papers to appear in the exam you are going to sit for. Sometimes exam setting teacher or authority may take questions from past exams and use them in the current exam, however it is not necessary that they should do so. may students or people sitting for exams prepare themselves by doing questions in past exams and expecting the questions to appear on the current exams. This is not recommended since if you find questions which does not touch on the past exams you have solved can lead to panic and stress and causing you to lose focus on concentration which would help you to solve the current questions easily.

During the exam day wake up early to avoid being late in the exam. Getting late to the exam room may cause you to panic since you may not know how many instructions you colleague have been given. To avoid thus you need to be around exam room half an hour before the time for an exam. This will help you to know exactly what is going on and if there are any changes regarding the exam you will be able to deal with them without stress and fear.

Make sure you have well functioning watch in the exam room. Last but not least never forget to carry a watch when you enter the exam room. Every exam has definite exam time so you need a watch to monitor passing of time and allocating the time for each question. Having a well-defined approach on how you are going to tackle the exam including knowing how much time you are going to use for each question will boost your confidence and reduce stress and fear during the exam.

To sum up, in order to pass any exams you need first of all, to master the content of exam subject and then be able to control your fear and stress in the exam room. This post explains the ways or techniques you can use to control fear and stress in the exam room. Some of these techniques need to applied before the exam and others need to be applied during the exam. I hope these techniques will be helpful in your next exam. Please Help your friend to know these techniques by sharing this post.

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