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Essential features of assets and liabilities according to IAS 1

International financial reporting standard (IFRS) through the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) sets out the definition and essential  characteristics of assets and liabilities in the presentation of financial statements which users of the statements are likely to rely on when making major economic decision
The following are essential characteristics of assets and liabilities in accordance with provisions of IAS 1  presentation of financial statements.

Essential characteristics of assets.

IASB defines asset as a resource controlled by an entity as the results of past events and from which future economic benefits are expected to flow to the entity

The characteristics of the definition are as follows

Emphasis on control rather than ownership of asset. It means the ability to restrict other entity from using the asset

Also, it places emphasis on substance of the transaction rather than their legal form

When there is control of an asset, it is recognized in the statement of financial position e.g finance lease, contractual rights

The definition makes reference to the past events, thereby excluding assets that may occur in the future

Essential characteristics of liabilities:
IASB  defines liability as the present obligation  of the entity arising from the past events, the settlement of which is expected to result in an outflow from the entity of resources embodying economic benefits.
from this definition the characteristics of the a liability are as follows

it is opposite or mirror of assets

it is present obligation

the obligation are legally enforceable

such obligations may arise on provisions, contingent liabilities .eg replacing faulty assets, warranty etc

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