5 ways to improve your memory.

In many ways, our learning and studying depend on our ability to recall and remember what the teacher taught us in the class and what we have studied in the textbooks. Many students spend a lot of time cramming notes and materials to enhance their learning but in many cases, they have ended up remembering less and less. It is desire of every student to be able to remember every important lecture or lesson, therefore, I have prepared this post to give you five ways you can use to enhance or improve your memory or your capacity to remember.

Here are five ways or things you can do to improve your ability to remember notes or lecture in your studying:

First, you need to revise regularly. There is a small possibility that you can remember all notes and materials by studying them only once. Therefore, you need to study materials over and over at regular intervals to enhance your memory on those materials or notes. The more difficult the subject of your studies the more you need to revise. The important thing you need to know when doing a revision to make sure that your revision is done at regular intervals, for example, every day or after a few days.

You need to separate your studying session in half an hour interval. This technique has been proven scientifically to improve your memory with regard to what you study. This technique is performed by dividing your studying session into half an hour of intensive concentration and ten minutes of relaxation and stretching. By having resting or stretching sessions your studies you enable your brain to process the notes or items you have already studied hence improving your memory.

Teach your colleagues about what you have already studied in class or revised. Experts say that you retain 95% of what you teach to others. Therefore, by teaching others what you already know you enable your brain to process and store the materials you have taught and this improves your memory.

Eat healthy food and exercise regularly. your brain uses a quarter of all oxygen in your body, therefore exercising regularly enables you to improve the blood circulation in the brain and hence improves brain health and memory. Also, there are some foods that improves brain function and therefore eating them may enable you to improve how your brain function and eventually improving your memory. Example of foods that have been proven to improve memory includes fish, fish oil, bananas, and dark chocolate.

Answer past papers and your homework. We know that homework is boring and take our time from video games and Instagram, however, we need to perform them in or to exercise our brain. The brain like any other body part needs to exercise in order to become strong and healthy. Doing questions from past papers and homework enables you to exercise your brain and making it sharp and able to retain more notes and materials.

Last but not least, go to class and do group discussions with your fellow students. I know it is difficult to some but going to class and listen to your teacher or tutor is one of the best ways to retain quality materials in your brain since your teacher has prepared the plan and lesson just to make you do that. On the other hands to improve your memory you need group discussion with your classmates. This enables you to see other perspectives on the same materials and hence improving your ability to remember the materials.

To sum up, the ability to remember and process what you have been taught or read is the cornerstone of any learning process. To remember more you need to do a lot of things such as eating healthy food, doing group discussions, teaching others, and doing a regular revision of your subject materials and notes.

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