3 things every one who passes exams do.

As we approach the end of this year i hope that everyone of us have achieved the big part of what they aspired to achieve. If in any way you did not achieve what you wished to achieve, then i pray that you find a new strength to face the coming year by planning and learning from all things which happened this year. Today i would like to talk about how to pass exams. there are lot of exams out there, therefore i should make clear that my discussion will concentrate much on how to pass accounting professional exams like those offered by ACCA and any other relevant bodies. To pass any exams you need determination, plan , persistence as well as focus and team work. But there are key element which every student which aspire to pass in his exams must have in order to do so in flying colors. Here are three thing which student must do in order to pass hiss exams with flying colors:

Have written down plan and timetable: as any other successful en devour passing exams need plan. Student must make sure he has plan which stipulate things like when to sit for exams, how many subjects he his going to sit for, when he is going to study, how he is going to balance his studies with other activities and so on. Student must also develop a time table on how he is going to study his selected subjects including how he is going participate in the discussions on the subjects. Timetable and written down the plan is important since it gives the student the focus and somehow motivate student to study hard.

Student must make sure that he has a mentor to guide him in his studies. There is always a persons who have sat and passed in the exams you wish to sit therefore instead of going in uncharted waters alone you need someone who have been there before you to guide you. Mentor can be anyone who has sat and passed the exams you wish to sit or a teacher of subjects you wish to take. Mentor will help you give guidance on how you should approach you studying and what to expect in your exams.

Lastly in order to pass with flying colors student must also make sure that he uses different sources of materials for his studies. This is important since using only textbook gives you one perspective of the topic or subjects you are studying. These days there a lot of sources were you can get materials for studying such as online discussion groups, google search, blogs such as this blog , YouTube and so forth. Remember using different sources for the same subjects give you different perspectives of the subjects therefore it may enhance your understanding and retention of materials.

What other factors you you think are important in helping student pass their exams with flying colors? Share on the comment below.

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