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Importance of maintaining and keeping audit working papers.

Audit working papers are documents which record all audit evidence obtained during financial auditing. Guidelines on how how to prepare and maintain working papers is given by ISA 230 Audit documentation. auditor is required to prepare on timely basis audit documentations that provide:

  • a sufficient appropriate record of the basis for the auditors report, and
  • the evidence that the audit was performed in accordance with ISAs and applicable legal and regulatory requirements

Importance of maintaining and keeping audit working papers include;

  • To provide assurance that the work delegated by the audit partner has been properly completed
  • To form the basis for the plan of the audit of the following year
  • To record the rationale for departure from international standard on auditing (ISAs) if the situation demands 
  • To enable an experienced auditor conducting quality control review and inspection or external inspection to be able to do so

  • To increase the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the audit
  • To serve as evidence of of the planning of the audit and the design of the audit procedures
  • To assist member of the audit team responsible for supervision to direct and supervise audit work
  • To enable the evidence to be available in the final review stage so that it can be considered whether the financial statements show a true and fair view and comply with statutory and legal requirements.

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