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20 situations in which the entity may require the services of ofrensic auditor

Forensic audit refers to the procedures carried out in order to obtain reliable and acceptable evidence for anticipated dispute or litigation. It involves the use of auditing and investigative techniques to identify and gather evidence. The forensic auditor is often required to Get as an expert witness when matters are brought up in court.

The following are example of situations requiring the service of forensic auditors include:

  • Theft and fraud 
  • Bribery allegations  
  • Tax evasion  
  • insider dealings  
  • wrongful dismissal  
  • Business interruptions  
  • property losses  
  • Insurance claims  
  • Personal liability claims  
  • Construction claims  
  • Bankruptcies  
  • Breach of contract  
  • Stock market manipulation  
  • Arson  
  • Expert witness testimony.  
  • Royalty audits  
  • Investment scam  
  • Management/ employee wrongdoing  
  • Matrimonial divorce claims

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