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Disadvantages of industrial concentration in one geographical area

The disadvantages of industrial concentration in one geographical area include:-

  • It promotes regional imbalances where some areas remain behind in terms of development.
  • It increases the cost of living due to increased competition for the available facilities like food, shelter e.t.c
  • It leads to congestion and overcrowding in the area hence causing slum development in the area.
  • It leads to the pollution of the environment by the fumes produced by the industries.
  • It results into traffic congestion in the area hence increasing the rate of accidents.
  • It may cause a country to over depend on one particular region which may be dangerous in case this area is affected.
  • It promotes rural-urban migration which affects agricultural development.
  • It leads to unemployment in the area due to the failure of the existing industries to absorb the increased labor force in the area.
  • It may cause the new firms to be out competed hence leading to their closure.
  • It leads to pressure on the existing infrastructures like schools, hospitals due to the high population.
  • It leads to the displacement of the people due to the increased need for industrial development.
  • It leads to a break down of the traditional norms and customs due to increased infiltration of various cultures in the area.
  • It leads to exhaustion of resources due to increased production activities.

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