7 powers of controller and auditor general (CAG)

Powers of the Controller and Auditor General according to public audit act 2008 include:

  • Call upon any public officer to give any explanation and information which the CAG may require to enable him perform his functions and responsibilities.
  • Summon and examine any person in connection with the receipts or expenditure of public monies.
  • Authorize any person as an auditor to conduct, inquire, examine or audit on his behalf and get a report thereon.
  • Order a search or that extracts are taken from any book, document or record from any public office.
  • Seek professional opinion or advice from the Attorney General.
  • Use the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) and stock verifier’s findings as guidance to reach his conclusions.
  • Disallow an item of expenditure to be charged to the government account or call into question any as per relevant law or irregularity occurred in the receipt, custody or control issues.

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