Business Entity Concept in accounting explained

It is generally accepted that the moment a business enterprise is started it attains a separate entity as distinct from the persons who own it.

In recording the transactions of a business, the important question is:

How do these transactions affect the business enterprise? The question as to how these transactions affect the proprietors is quite irrelevant. This concept is extremely useful in keeping business affairs strictly free from the effect of private affairs of the proprietors. In the absence of this concept the private affairs and business affairs are mingled together in such a way that the true profit or loss of the business enterprise cannot be ascertained nor its financial position.

To quote an example, if a proprietor has taken Tsh .10,000/- from the business for paying house tax for his residence, the amount should be deducted from the capital contributed by him. Instead if it is added to the other business expenses then the profit will be reduced by Tsh.10,000/- and also his capital more by the same amount. This affects the results of the business and also its financial position. Not only this, since the profit is lowered, the consequential tax payment also will be less which is against the provisions of the income-tax act.

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