Revision question on preparation of bank reconciliation statement.

The following information was extracted from the records of Mama Constance, a Petty Trader as at 31st December 2014.
Balance as per Bank Statement as at 31st December 2014 was GH¢10,000 credit.
Cash Book balance was GH¢40,000 credit in the Bank Account column.

The following had been reflected in the Bank Statement but not in the Cash Book.

i. Bank loan interest Tsh 2,000
ii. Bank Charges Tsh 6,000
iii.Dividends from Investment Tsh 10,000
iv. Interest from Treasury Bill Tsh 4,000

In addition, a cheque of Tsh 20,000 issued to Madam Peace was dishonored because of insufficient fund. A cheque of Tsh 25,000 from Stephen has not been credited. A cheque of GH¢49,000 issued to Samuel remained unpresented.

You are required to prepare:  
i. bank reconciliation statement as at 31st December 2014
ii. an adjusted cash book.

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