3 requirements of IFRS 8 on identification of reportable segments.

IFRS 8 reporting segments seeks to assist the user of financial statements gain a clearer understanding of the performance of the business by requiring disaggregation of the reported financial information into segments.

Definition of reportable segment.

IFRS 8 requires an entity to report financial and descriptive information about its reportable segments. Reportable segments are operating segments or aggregation of reporting … Read the rest

5 components of the set of financial statements

Financial statement are report prepared by management of the entity to provide information to owners of the entity and other users about the financial position and financial performance of the entity.

The following are components of a set of financial statements:

  • statement of financial position; This is the statement which shows how much is
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Benefits of Distance Education and Learning from Home

Benefits of Distance Education and Learning from Home

Online learning is an ideal choice for those raising children.

 Like all other aspects of life, people are free to choose the path they want to pursue.

However, for those who want to be educated despite serious obstacles such as time and space, the advantages of online learning are very attractive


Many institutions try … Read the rest