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Non-Integrated accounting system – meaning

Non integrated accounting system is a system of accounting under which separate ledgers are maintained for cost and financial accounts by Accountants. Under such a system the cost accounts restricts itself to recording only those transactions which relate to the product or service being provided. Hence items of expenses which have a bearing with sales or, production or for that matter any other items which are under the factory management are the ones dealt with in such accounts.

A special feature of the non-integrated system of accounts is its ability to deal with notional expenses like rent or interest on capital tied up in the stock. The accounting of notional rent facilitates comparisons amongst factories (some owned and some rented). Similarly, recognition of interest on capital tied up in stock could help make the stores and works managers aware of the money being blocked because of holding stock. Non Integrated Accounting Systems contain fewer accounts when compared with financial accounting because of the exclusion of purchases, expenses and also Balance Sheet items like fixed assets, debtors and creditors. Items of accounts which are excluded are represented by an account known as cost ledger control account.

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