What are non-current assets register?

The non-current asset register is the subsidiary ledger detailing the individual items of plant and equipment. The register records the cost of each asset and of any additions or alterations and the accumulated depreciation charged against it. Balances in the register reconcile with the written down value of the plant and equipment account in the general ledger.

In other words asset register means a data source that records information on individual assets of certain value. Information may include the asset location, condition, utilization and ownership details, as well as the value and depreciation of asset and it’s major components.

The register also contains additional information such as the asset serial number, the supplier or manufacturer, the insurance cover, the maintenance records, and the location as well as the date it was purchased, a description of the asset cost amount, and the depreciation charged against it. It should be reconciled on a monthly basis to the accounting system balance.

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